A complaint by five Roebourne women has been lodged with the Australian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) following a statement by FMG chairman and largest shareholder, Andrew Forrest, that “little girls” are approaching men in Roebourne late at night and offering sexual services in exchange for the “cost of a cigarette”.

One of the women, Pansy Sambo, said, “We are sick of this prejudice that black-marks Roebourne and gives our community a bad name. This has a terrible effect on our morale, on our spirit and confidence as a community. We feel humiliated and shamed.”

The joint statement to HREOC by the women states, in part: “It is very hard for our young people to grow up strong when racism and insults like Andrew Forrest made are broadcast across Australia.

Read this Press release 17 Aug 2011

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  1. kevin russell

    history repeats itself with land grabs across the country……………all for the abundant resources we have….just greed again and again and agin…rape the country…our mother earth!!…….you shall be judged.

  2. Luke

    Most Australians don’t realise that the phrase the Lucky Country comes from a book written by Donald Horne in 1964 of the same name.

    “Australia is a lucky country, run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck.”

    Twiggy is one of these second rate people that Horne was describing. Except he does not ‘share in its luck’. He plunders it.

    And what a Lucky Country it must truly be in his eyes. Lucky he does not need to pay for land or resources. Lucky the Government is so backwards and incompetent when it comes to Indigenous Affairs that The WA Indigenous Affairs Minister, Peter Collier, even said he took ‘guidance and great advice from his wisdom’…

    Despite the overwhelming obstacles currently being faced, I still hold out hope that Australia will wake up and demand better for it’s citizenry.

    We simply cannot really on ‘Luck’ anymore.

  3. Marble Bar Mob

    To our Countrymen, Women & Children we hope you win this battle, against these ruthless mongrels. Wishing you all the best.


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