FMG CEO, Mr Nev Power, was quoted yesterday as saying, “We have commenced construction at Solomon.”

FMG also announced that a preferred contractor had been named to build a rail spur to its Solomon mining hub, and another contract for mining camp construction was immanent.

Read this report.:

If this gives the impression that FMG can immediately proceed with mining or rail and mining camp construction on Yindjibarndi country, within which the inaugural Firetail mine is wholly situated, the suggestion is false.

Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) want to make clear that no ground breaking for the initial Firetail mine within FMG’s Solomon Hub, on Yindjibarndi country, can legally begin until conditions of the Minister’s s.18 Aboriginal Heritage Act consent regarding Yindjibarndi cultural sites have been met. These have not been met.

Nor can any construction begin on rail infrastructure or any mining camp on Yindjibarndi country, because FMG has not been granted MISCELLANEOUS LICENSES for such purposes.

FMG statements about construction should clearly distinguish between Solomon Hub development occurring on Yindjibarndi native title areas, and construction that may be happening on the lands of adjacent traditional owners.

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  1. ian johnston

    Terrible that this crap still happens in Australia. Your tribe is sitting on a fortune. It’s your birth right… your endowment… and FMG wants to take it all away…FOREVER…and to dig it out as soon as possible….soon your endowment will be gone…

    How it should work… start with a small operation… when tribe has got the hang of running it..are working it…and basically running the operation… everything is sweet..can then talk about what to do now?.. anyway, no problem, the this scenario..the partners making money… your making good money off your land and endowmenet… heck you can keep the operation small enough that it will last a long time.. say set production so the resource lasts at least 100 years…

    How quickly is twiggy going to dig it out?
    How much are you getting of your birth right?
    Twiggy wasn’t born there, heck he’e not even part of the tribe… why’s he taking your birth right for nothing…


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