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On 12 August the Full Federal Court handed down its decision rejecting a challenge by the Yindjibarndi People against the grant of three mining leases to Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) for its Solomon Hub project.

“We are disappointed with the decision but it comes as no surprise.This confirms what we have known all along, that the Native Title Act is a bad piece of legislation that consistently works against the interests of the first Australians.What is worse is that the system gives us no chance against the teams of company lawyers, land access managers and FMG’s unlimited war chest. The deck has been stacked against us,” Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO, Michael Woodley, said.

YAC advises that it is seeking advice about appealing this decision by the Federal Court to the High Court of Australia.

4 Responses

  1. ian johnston

    Hi Tribe,

    I don’t know what to say at the moment…

    I’m appalled by actions of the richest man in Australia..

    Don’t believe what he says .. ie. loves aborigines, what’s to help you, a fair deal etc… look at what he does… trying to rob you of a fair deal, split your community, ‘end of the road” comments etc..

    As the indians used to say about the cowboys in America..he speak with forked tongue.

    I’m pretty upset by this.. it’s attempted robbery… will post again when I feel better..

    Keep your chins up and fight to keep this cowboy from stealing your inheritance

  2. ian johnston

    Hi Tribe,

    Have sent letter to Julia Gillard about it.. currently waiting on a response

  3. Kilbot73

    He’s not Australia’s richest man since the stock Market plunge. Too bad eh?

    FMG and their cronies are morally bankrupt and will rape the earth until there’s nothing left. They only care about their shareholders and bottom line. It’s a shame that the law makers in this country value profit over wilderness.


  4. Owain Glyndwr

    I agree with Ian’s comments above, was & still am very upset to think that (foreign faceless banking cartels) have right of passage via $ & corruption to take what they want on this planet.

    This is the “Indigenous peoples” connection to the land & their dreamtime. Our only connection to this is via them. There is no wisdom in the current capitalist system, I think a change is inevitable!!!!

    Capitalism:- “A system that uses exploitation to sustain the unsustainable”

    Owain Glyndwr 2011 (Quote realised on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples & their struggle for justice in a system without truth or wisdom)


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