It is not the usual protocol to speak of the dead and when we are referring to some one of our family member who may share the same name as a lost one then we refer to that persona as Jugari, and we still do. The modern times as brought into our world the amazing technology of photography and many of the indigenous nations view the display of images of lost ones to be also a sign of disrespect.

We totally respect the peoples wishes of not viewing images or displaying after losing a family member but every family has a different opinion. I personally have the view if a young member passes away due to other then living their life to the full, then I would have major problems showing photos of them, but when it comes to elders I feel we should and must showcase them so people do don’t lose sight of them as leaders and as shining symbols of our identity, and its to remind them to raise to their expectations.

Michael Woodley, Yindjibarndi CEO

Images of deceased people will remain on this site and we wish to alert those visiting here to whom this may cause offence.

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