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Andrew Forrest is out and Nev Power is in as CEO of FMG.

We have learned this week that “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Following in Mr Forrest’s footsteps, Mr Power said that FMG would never agree to a royalty deal like Rio Tinto has made with many of our neighbours because he thinks its not going to do any good for our community.

Rather than independent self-development for Yindjibarndi, Mr Power said that FMG should be in the driver’s seat of “an industrialisation of Roebourne” because it could be done “quicker, faster and more reliably than if they [the Yindjibarndi people] were paid the money and tried to do it themselves.”

Yindjibarndi reject FMG’s return to the ‘dark ages of Aboriginal paternalism’, and call instead for return to the negotiating table.

"The apple does not fall far from the tree"

Yindjibarndi executive officer Michael Woodley responded, “Mr Power wants to go back to the dark ages of Aboriginal paternalism by dictating and controlling how Yindjibarndi use any benefits. Who is Andrew Forrest or Neville Power to decide what will work for the Yindjibarndi People? What the Yindjibarndi People deserve is the right to decide the kind of future our grandchildren will inherit.”

Mr Woodley stressed, “The longer this dispute is dragged through the Courts, and the longer it takes to reach a formal land access agreement, the worse it is for FMG, the Yindjibarndi people and the state of Western Australia. Mr Power’s first decision should be to return FMG to the negotiating table.”

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